Punk rock has evolved so much since its beginnings over five decades ago. While modern bands enjoy the freedom of singing about whatever they please, it wouldn’t have been that way without the pioneering artists who rebelled against the mainstream back in the ’70s and ’80s.

From veterans such as Black Flag, Descendents, the Sex Pistols and many others, there’s a lot of history that has paved the way for the modern noisemakers actively pursuing the DIY lifestyle today. 

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How well do you think you know the origins of punk, though? Find out with our quiz below. 

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Esteemed British shoe company Dr. Martens recently crafted a new line of boots dedicated to punk icons the Sex Pistols. Two new designs paying homage to the outrage the band generated in the late ’70s are available now with an incredible aesthetic.

The first set features their original 1460 model boots plastered with the title of the band’s single “God Save The Queen.” The track was immediately banned from British radio upon its release over its lyrics. Shortly after, the band were dropped by their then-label A&M. The label ordered the original pressing run of the single destroyed. (Virgin Records put it out when they signed the Sex Pistols.) 

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Dr. Martens’ second design features their white model 1461 shoe coated with a collage of U.K. newspaper clippings. The prominent headline, “The Filth And The Fury,” plays on the British press reaction to the band when they appeared on a talk show.

In early 1976, the Sex Pistols appeared on the Today show on Thames TV, bringing some of their friends (affectionately known as “the Bromley contingent”) along for the ride. Host Bill Grundy went in on the band before flirting with a then-unknown Siouxsie Sioux. It got worse, though, with the host purposely getting the band to say wild things. It went off the rails when guitarist Steve Jones fired back, calling him “a dirty fucker” and “a fucking rotter” on daytime television. 

You can give the Sex Pistols and Dr. Martens collab a look here. If you’re interested in seeing the event that took the Sex Pistols to infamy, you can check that below too.