PUP are revealing brand new merchandise with a fitting pandemic update to their Morbid Stuff artwork with a massive puzzle.

The band are revealing the new 1000-piece puzzle featuring their artwork for their latest record with a coronavirus twist added to the characters displayed on the album.

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Today (May 18), the Toronto punk crew is revealing the new puzzle for pre-order.

It's putting a spin on their last album's artwork with all of the characters sporting face masks.

The band also jokingly say the upper left corner is "as annoying as the band who created the music" with an entire section just being one flat color.

"Sadness: one of humanity's most important emotions. And what better way to distract from that sadness than by painstakingly re-constituting an image from 1000 misshapen pieces? 
Morbid Stuff cover image by Nes Vuckovic. Cover image made more relevant to our current predicament also by Nes Vuckovic," a description for the puzzle reads.
The puzzle is arriving in June and can be pre-ordered for $30
More on PUP

The Canadian punk band dropped a new song and music video at the end of April, titled "Anaphylaxis."

Callum Scott-Dyson
You can check out the music video below.

What do you think of PUP's new album artwork puzzle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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