Pure Noise Records and Sony Music are launching a new label called Weekday Records.

The first signings to Weekday Records are Jule Vera and Lydia.

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Founder Jake Round is partnering with Sony to discover and develop new music acts outside of the traditional punk genre that Pure Noise inhabits.

Jule Vera are celebrating with the release of a new song, "Lifeline," which is from their upcoming full-length, due out later this year.

Lydia will release their new record later this fall.

"I'm very excited and proud to announce Weekday Records, our new partnership with Sony Music. We'll be signing and developing artists at Weekday in the same way we've done at Pure Noise over the last eight years but will be able to branch out a little bit genre wise, which is exciting," Round said. "Getting started with great acts like Lydia and Jule Vera is a great representation of what we hope to do with the label stylistically.

"We hope Weekday can be a good home for everything from indie rock to pop and everything in between."

Check out Weekday Records here.