PVRIS have unfortunately had to postpone their upcoming album due to "circumstances beyond [their] control." The album, titled Use Me was set to release on May 1. It is now delayed until July 10. 

Use Me was announced back in March, along with the single and video for "Dead Weight."

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PVRIS took to social media to announce the recent delay of their album. The circumstances, whatever they may be, have unfortunately delayed Use Me by just over two months. In this dark time, the coronavirus pandemic has many of us cooped up in our homes. A fresh bit of music is always welcome to stave away the boredom. 

But, we're going to have to wait a bit for the new PVRIS album. 

In their statement, they do say that there will be some content to "hold [us] over." That should keep us entertained until July. 

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the release date for our new album 'Use Me' has been pushed back to July 10. We're working on a few things to make it up to you and hold you over. Thanks for your continued support. We hope you’re all staying safe during this time.

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Frontwoman Lynn Gunn announced on her own social media how upset she was with the decision and that people need music during this crisis.

I’m real sad guys... Just an FYI, I’ve been team “let’s put this out May 1st and give the people what they want!!!” with this entire situation. I think right now is a time where everyone could use a little music to light up the darkness a bit... but it’s out of my hands 

Sometimes.... I feel like our career is a big cosmic joke amongst the gods or something lmao. *screams at the sky*

But we’re underdogs and underdogs don’t QUIT and we don’t lose hope!! 

 I’m gonna be fighting my ass off to get something(s) new out to you guys in the meantime, if we gotta go rogue, we’re gonna go rogue.

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It's comforting to hear that Gunn will be trying her hardest to give us some new PVRIS material.

Speaking on their most recent track "Dead Weight," and the album as a whole, Gunn said she's finally allowing herself to take credit where credit is due. 

"This song is about stepping into my power as a woman, shedding old skin and taking nurturing/caretaker feminine nature and turning it into a superpower.”

“I allowed myself to support a narrative I thought I had to support,” Gunn says. “I didn’t really have a role model for this. Coming from a ‘band culture,’ it’s about how the group is always greater than the sum of its parts, and you’re not supposed to take credit, even if you do everything. There’s no template or role model for really owning it as a woman. I wanted to make everyone else happy and uphold an image I thought we had to."

“Growing up, I learned I don’t have to do that anymore,” Gunn continues. “I’m finally allowing myself to take credit. I’ve got the full support and encouragement of my bandmates. PVRIS are a unit and very much a team, but the heart and soul of the vision and music always has sourced from me. I’m just saying it now. I fulfilled my own vision of what a role model should be.”

Check out "Dead Weight" below and preorder Use Me here

Are you excited for new PVRIS content in the coming months? Tell us in the comments below!

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