Lynn Gunn is giving fans a little insight into what is coming next for PVRIS.

The frontwoman shared the band are working on new music and will continue doing it for a bit.

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Gunn is taking to Twitter to share a little bit more about PVRIS' future plans. It all started with a reflection on the All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell cycle.

"Never really said anything to close it out bc it felt weird and we kind of immediately jumped into what’s coming next..." Gunn writes.

In August, Gunn revealed to Billboard that PVRIS had already begun the recording process of their next album and that “top secret studio stuff” was happening.

"I actually had a session yesterday with a new person to try collaborating with as a producer, and it went really well, we had a cool time," she said at the time.

The frontwoman additionally revealed that the band started working on the project earlier in the year, and she did a lot of writing in Los Angeles during the winter, “just meeting with new people to team up with and seeing who vibes and who doesn’t.”

Plus, Gunn got a little emotional on Twitter talking about the band's 2017 album.

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