PVRIS are showcasing their growth on their latest track, “My Way,” via Warner Records/Reprise Records.

The synth-driven song begins with the question “Do you want me to do that?” before immediately diving into an energetic beat. Lynn Gunn’s layered vocals create a gritty and unique sound, while the chorus is instantly recognizable as something a live crowd would chant back at the band.

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PVRIS kicked off a new era last year with the release of their third studio album, Use Me. Exploring new territory, Gunn also stepped forward as PVRIS’ leader and sole architect, taking on the roles of frontwoman, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer.

This song is further proof of the growth both Gunn and PVRIS have undergone in the last year.

“‘My Way’ is a song about accepting and embracing the trials and tribulations of the past, present and future,” Gunn says in a press release. “It’s about facing the pain, loss, hard times and hard decisions while finding empowerment and humility—and a sprinkle of humor—through it all. 

“Life always pushes us toward great change and growth,” she continues. “When we stop fighting it and flow with it, we offer ourselves, and others, so much more. Whatever way it takes us, our paths are so uniquely our own. You have your way, and I have mine.”

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, PVRIS have also been busy collaborating with other artists. In June, Gunn joined forces with Jax Anderson on “Can’t Get Me High,” and last November, she worked with alt-pop singer Kat Cunning on a remix of “Supernova (tigers blud).”

You can check out “My Way” below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.