Lynn Gunn revealed during a recent interview that PVRIS have started working on their third studio album.

"The early stages have started," she explains.

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Gunn tells Billboard that PVRIS have already begun the recording process of their next album and that "top secret studio stuff" is happening.

"I actually had a session yesterday with a new person to try collaborating with as a producer, and it went really well, we had a cool time," she says.

The singer also revealed that the band started working on the project earlier in the year, and she did a lot of writing in Los Angeles during the winter, "just meeting with new people to team up with and seeing who vibes and who doesn't."

Although there's not much she can share yet, Gunn shared some plans to keep fans updated. "I want to start documenting more of the recording process, because no one’s really seen it," she tells Billboard.

During the interview, Gunn also discussed PVRIS' latest album cycle and the experience of playing mainstream festivals, such as Coachella, and how it made the band want to change their live shows a bit.

"I want some more jam sessions. I really want the set to translate to being able to do something on the fly or improvise a little more, or just switch it up if we want to," she shares with Billboard. "More freedom to improvise. Maybe more instruments."

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