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PVRIS' Lynn Gunn took to Twitter on Monday to apologize to fans of her band, revealing that she's "sorry if I haven't seemed myself" at recent gigs and citing ongoing performance issues. Read Gunn's full Twitter statement below.

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Gunn's Twitter disclosure from July 31 addresses certain difficulties the PVRIS singer is apparently experiencing while out on the road. In the tweets, Gunn says she's been having problems with her vocals on the band's current tour and has felt "very uncomfortable" while "navigating some vocal kinks."

Gunn adds that she "hate[s] that I'm even feeling the need to apologize" but wanted to let PVRIS fans know they're "loved and appreciated" despite the "outside stress" evidently effecting the musician's onstage energy.

Gunn recently won the award for Best Vocalist at the 2017 Alternative Press Music Awards. "I didn't think that this was gonna happen," she said when presented with her Skully, "and everyone who was nominated is so fucking talented. Thank you, it means a lot. I appreciate it." Find out how to watch the 2017 APMAs again here and see the full list of APMAs winners here.

Read Gunn's recent tweets here:

"Sorry if I haven't seemed myself at our shows this summer... in the midst of navigating some vocal kinks & have felt very uncomfortable... I try my best not to let outside stress get in the way during our shows... there's a lot right now & it's been carrying over too... I hate that I'm even feeling the need to apologize? Just hope you know you're loved & appreciated at these shows for being such good energy. BUT... the good news is that MOST of the stress is just from trying to make this record as perfect as it can be while in the middle of tour. Pardon me... 'release' I should say... record is done... the rest is planning/filming for remaining vids, headline tour plans/direction, etc."

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