Now entering its third season, one could argue that Comedy Central's WORKAHOLICS has proven itself in the TV colosseum. With drugged-out plot absurdities, a post-college perspective and an overdosage of pop culture referencesit's a rare breed of show. AP caught up with BLAKE ANDERSON, one of the show's stars and creative forces alongside Adam DeVine and Anders Holm.

The season three Workaholics premiere is so close. What are you up to right now?

Getting sunburnt, drinking beer, watching Dragonheart.

Do the show's shenanigans spill over to the set? Is Comedy Central running a tight ship over there?

We have a great time on set—but how can we not? We’re best friends that got a freakin' TV show! But with that said, we’re all business. It takes a lot of work to make a show and when we are filming it’s game time and we want Workaholics to be the best that it can be.

Do fans seek out the Workaholics house like some sort of comedic mecca? Or do you think you guys aren't up there with the Full House and Goonies houses yet?

People have started to come out and take pictures and shit, but it's kinda weird 'cause our homie Goons still lives there, so be careful peeking in those windows. You just might catch the dude jerking his pickle.

What did you take away from your infamous beer pong accident, besides a broken back?

Beer, unlike Red Bull, does not give you wings.

What were the highlights of this year's SXSW? We heard you guys threw a party?

SXSW was so sick! Our party was radical! WAVVES, COOL KIDS, FREDDIE GIBBS, CURREN$Y , TRASH TALK! Trash Talk was the highlight for sure. They always are. They rip shit up.

Been to any other shows lately? Have you gone into mosh retirement?

I was in a really gnar pit at a Gucci Mane show recently.

You got your professional start with the other Workaholics cast members in the comedy troupe Mail Order Comedy. Does the “come up” in comedy have anything in common with that of a band?

I've always thought the internet comedy game was exactly like the music come up. Basically, you live broke doing any live gigs you can get and in the meantime, you’re releasing videos for free on Youtube like a band would release a mixtape or a demo. Just trying to get some network to see your stuff and give you a shot.

What are you listening to?

I'm trying to have a punk rock summer. Been collecting some classics—old school Descendents, Black Flag, Negative Approach, Bad Brains. Hardcore shit. I did pick up that Odd Future Tape Vol. 2  though, so solid.

Do you find the show resonates with completely different subcultures? Your "straight edge people are weird" line, for example, was an instant classic to hardcore kids. It's total niche comedy.

Yeah, I think we’ve got a little something for everybody. The fact is that none of us are very narrow minded. I’d be down to party with juggalos, skaters, hipsters, whatever—it’s all love. But while we’re on the subject, let's be honest, straight edge people are a little weird. Come on, life without beer? That’s insanity.

Is the Workaholics writing process a constant one for you guys? Do plot ideas just present themselves from your experiences and do you reimagine them on the show?

Episode ideas come from everywhere. Sometimes we take things that have happened to us or a friend in real life and expand on it, and sometimes it’s just us thinking "what’s some real messed up stuff that we would want to see on TV?"

You tweet like it’s your job. Have any bizarre twitter stories?

Some chick sent me photos of her liposuction blubber aftermath. That still haunts me.

Are you ever going to bring a band on the show and work them into the script, PCU style? Adam would definitely be “that guy.”

I really wouldn’t mind doing a Cannibal Corpse episode, I’ve been tossing that one around in my head for a while. I still have to run it by the guys though. alt