Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge are two pop-punk vocalists who have played a major role in making some of the scene’s most popular tracks. 

From all of their records with blink-182 and various side projects, including Angels & Airwaves, Box Car Racer, Simple Creatures and more, the two have belted out hundreds of lyrics over the years. 

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If you’re a major fan of them both like we are, you’ll have no problem remembering whether Hoppus or DeLonge sang these lyrics in this quiz. We’ve mixed in songs from all of the projects they’ve participated in, so it’s definitely a challenge. You can test your knowledge below.

More on Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge is making his directorial debut in the new sci-fi film Monsters Of California. Soon after the announcement, the musician opened up on what fans can expect to see in the upcoming movie including some blink-182 era throwbacks.

DeLonge dedicates a lot of his time to discovering evidence of unidentified aerial phenomena with To The Stars Academy. Now, he’s taking his passion and research to the next level for a feature film. Monsters Of California is based on a script written by the AVA frontman and Ian Miller and is reportedly a coming of age adventure with a sci-fi twist.

The film follows teenager Dallas Edwards (Jack Samson) and his friends who are on a quest to find the meaning behind a series of paranormal events in Southern California. During their journey, they begin to uncover secrets and truths about paranormal activity that lead back to the deepest levels of the American Government.

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Alongside Samson, Mad About You and Curb Your Enthusiasm actor Richard Kind is set to star in the film. Casper Van DienArianne ZuckerGabrielle Haugh and Camille Kostek will also star in Monsters Of California.

DeLonge shares that Monsters Of California will, of course, include plenty of UFOs. However, the feature film also has elements of skateboarding culture as well as a few hidden secrets.

DeLonge also seems to be taking some inspiration from his time in blink-182 with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker for his new film. He says that Monsters Of California will have a lot of “blink-era dick jokes” in it that are so funny, he was in tears.

“PRODUCTION HAS STARTED… been a bit busy, ha. Hope you like blink-era dick jokes, skateboarding culture, UFOs and a few sekrets thrown in. ? I actually laughed so hard yesterday, I had tears. I really think you’re all going to love this film.”

The project is being produced by Creepshow producer The Cartel with Striker Entertainment. The latter is in association with To The Stars Inc., a division of To The Stars Academy.