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[Photos by: Waterparks/Jawn Rocha, One Direction/Spotify]

QUIZ: Is it a Waterparks or a boy band lyric?

Waterparks describe themselves as “God’s favorite boy band.” Because who wouldn’t love both FANDOM and Entertainment in their entirety? 

Whether you’re a fan of the Parx boys’ edgy instrumentals and style, Backstreet Boys’ iconic all-white outfits or One Direction’s, well, everything, there’s lots to love about the world of boy bands. Music has been blessed from New Kids On The Block in the ’80s to 2020’s K-pop megastars BTS and, of course, Awsten Knight’s vocals.

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Let’s see how well you know the lyrics of “God’s favorite boy band,” as well as boy bands God just likes. 

More on Waterparks 

After not hearing much from Waterparks in regards to music this year, they’re bringing in a new era with their latest single. The trio shared their first track since 2019’s FANDOM with “Lowkey As Hell.” 

The band dropped their third full-length via Hopeless Records in October 2019 and released remixes of “Dream Boy” and “Telephone” over the next few months. The group have been busy this year working on a few things, including a collaboration with rapper DE’WAYNE.

Despite all the activity, fans have been anxiously waiting for new music from the group, and now their wishes are coming true. The latest single features a play on the chorus of the second single of FANDOM, Watch What Happens Next” alongside mellow breaks and shimmering synths.

“‘Lowkey As Hell’ is a great song, so good, fantastic, so tight,” Knight exclusively tells Alternative Press. “I don’t hear people call things ‘wonderful’ very much, so I wanna describe it like that. A lot of guys become their fathers, but if I start saying wonderful, maybe I’ll turn into your mom instead.”

Ahead of the new single, Knight confirmed the band’s concert DVD, Live In The U.K., will release by the end of the year. This week, Waterparks finally confirmed when with a “Turbulent” live video.

Knight previously opened up about the concert film to Alternative Press, stating, “I’m just saying to you right now, with all the humility that I can, there has not been a band DVD like this.”

The film, which was co-directed by Knight and photographer Jawn Rocha, features next-level special effects.

“A lot of people have the extent of their effects as going black and white and then adding speed ramps or slow motion and shit,” Knight tells Alternative Press. “And I was like, ‘If we’re not going to push boundaries, we’re not going to do it.’ There’s just not a point. So this shit just looks crazy. It’s nuts. The effects are something that haven’t been done on a live DVD.”

Set to release Nov. 27, CD and Blu-Ray bundle preorders are available here. Check out the live video for “Turbulent” here and their new single “Lowkey As Hell” here