Saturday, December 7, 2019


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mcr im not okay i promise emo

QUIZ: Which nostalgic emo song are you?

Are you ready to "relive the glory days"? AP is taking you back to the early 2000s to let you discover which emo song fits your personality...
christmas movies

Can you guess the Christmas movie from a single screenshot?

It’s the holiday season, and that means Christmas movies galore. Seasonal movies mean eating a ton of sweets and sitting around having a great time. These movies...
signature guitar

Can you match the signature guitar to the band?

If you enjoy rock, metal, punk or any other adjacent genre, you’re surely a fan of guitars. While we fascinate over the riffs our favorite musicians create...
stranger things season 3

Which ‘Stranger Things’ character are you based on your ’80s tastes?

Stranger Things has stolen our hearts over the last few years through amazing storytelling, little filler material and incredibly likable characters. Its imagery being steeped in ‘80s...
christmas decorations

Which punk-rock Christmas album should you listen to while you decorate?

Christmas is right around the corner, and now that Thanksgiving is over, it means you have free rein to start decorating. We know there are way too...
band logos rolling stones

QUIZ: Can you match the band logos to the artists?

Do you consider yourself a music expert? AP is putting you to the test. We've got 36 band logos that span ages and genres. How many can...
shopping bags black friday

Create a Black Friday playlist and we’ll tell you which store you are

Black Friday is no laughing matter. Trampling, yelling, screaming and some crying is bound to happen, but you know it’s worth it to snag that flat-screen TV...
pumpkin pie thanksgiving food

Which Thanksgiving dish are you based on your music taste?

It’s finally Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to put on your stretchy pants and get ready for a food lover’s favorite holiday.  Thanksgiving is the only holiday where...
sum 41 still waiting

How well do you remember the lyrics to “Still Waiting” by Sum 41?

The second Sum 41 record, Does This Look Infected?, celebrates its 17-year anniversary today. The record was a successful follow-up to their best-selling debut, All Killer No Filler,...
my chemical romance danger days

Can you ace this My Chemical Romance ‘Danger Days’ trivia quiz?

When My Chemical Romance split up in 2013, the world stopped moving. Now that the greatest band who ever played are back together, how much do you...

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