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We all know PVRISLynn Gunn has some seriously stellar tattoo work, and she has talked more about her love for tattoo artwork and what it means to her. (Not to mention, she gives professional tattooer Baud Nach some ink, too.)

“My relationship with tattoos has started very, very recently, like this past year,” she tells Nylon in the video. “I was always kind-of getting them on tour, just like little tiny ones.”

Gunn explains that getting ink have always been an intimate experience for her, and it all started with stick-n-pokes. Now that she has a gun, her and her friends have been exchanging artwork.

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“Getting tattooed and tattooing somebody really is a very intimate experience, and I think that’s a really cool thing to be able to share,” Gunn says.

Not to mention, Gunn talked more about All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell and how that record came together—it’s themes, the writing process and, most importantly, the message behind the record as a whole.

“We recorded in an old, converted cathedral, and it was also the first time we had off in a span of three or four years because we’ve been on the road non-stop,” Gunn explains. “I think a lot of themes emerged very subconsciously. It was really just purging every kind of emotion and reflection that we had been experiencing while we were there.”

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And it’s the balance that she’s really learned this past year, through touring, writing and releasing a record. (And working on her tattooing skills, of course.)

“Balance is crucial with literally everything, especially your inner emotions,” Gunn says. “That was a really important message that I learned this past year.”

Watch her give a tattoo to her friend Baud Nach, and hear her talk more about their new record here.