Radiohead have had a massive impact on music, so it isn't unreasonable to think the band could receive a biopic.

In the off chance a film is ever made, guitarist Jonny Greenwood has given his thoughts on who should portray him.

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The guitarist says SNL comedian Bill Hader would be a solid choice, or rather, he implied it in a hilarious way.

He couldn't remember Hader's name, calling him "that guy from Saturday Night Live who’s slightly unusual-looking" instead. “He made that comedy recently about that Hitman who ends up becoming an actor,” says Greenwood.

Greenwood was referring to HBO's dark comedy show Barry which was created by Hader and Alec Berg. Although Greenwood couldn't remember Hader, the casting would actually be pretty spot on based on their looks.

He further said he was unsure who could play frontman Thom Yorke, but proposed Stephen Merchant to play Ed O'Brien.

More on Radiohead

Earlier this year, Radiohead shared a pissed off statement regarding the end of the inquest into their drum tech's death. The drum tech died following a stage collapse at a 2012 performance at Toronto's Downsview Park.

“A verdict of Accidental Death was returned, which feels frustratingly insufficient given that the stage collapse was shown to be preventable,” the statement reads.

“The Jury have made sound and practical recommendations to prevent such an accident happening again and to ensure the future safety of show crews and audiences. It’s up to all of us now to make sure that these recommendations are implemented.”

Who do you think would do a good job portraying the various members of Radiohead in a biopic? Let us know in the comments below.

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