Legal battles over similar sounding songs seem to be quite the norm these days with artists finding themselves in court over copyright infringement far too often. This weekend, the list continues to grow as Radiohead reportedly accuse Lana Del Rey of "ripping off" the band's iconic song "Creep".

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The pop sensation has come under fire after similarities were noticed between her track "Get Free" and Radiohead's 1993 hit "Creep". The song is the last track on Rey's fifth album Lust for Life which landed at No. 1 after its release last year. 

According to The Sun, "both teams are trying to thrash it out behind the scenes to prevent it from going to court."

The source also adds: “It’s understood that Radiohead’s team are hoping for the band to either receive compensation or be credited on the list of songwriters to receive royalties.”

Currently, "Get Free" is credited with Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies and Rick Nowels as writers. 

The comment section on the track's YouTube is filled with users arguing the similarities between the two tracks. One user writes:“Really love Lana Del Rey but this song like ‘Creep’ from Radiohead,” while another disagrees, “I think the melody might be inspired by it and similar, but it’s definitely not a complete rip off. They are two completely different songs.”

You can listen to the two tracks, below.

A spokesman for Radiohead confirmed with NME that there are no legal proceedings at this time.

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