Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek has responded to the allegations against the film’s former director Bryan Singer.

Last month, the Atlantic reported that four men had come forward with new allegations of sexual misconduct against the director. Additionally, the four men that came forward claimed to be minors at the time of the alleged assaults.

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Singer was also sued in 2017 for allegedly assaulting actor Cesar Sanchez-Guzman as a minor.

However, Singer denied the accusations and instead said that the story was an act of homophobia, claiming the accusations were “conveniently timed to take advantage of (Bohemian Rhapsody’s) success.”

Following the Atlantic’s story, the Bohemian Rhapsody star spoke up about his thoughts on Singer. In a moderated discussion at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Malek says that all he can say at this time is that his own personal experience with Singer was not a pleasant one.

“My heart goes out to anyone who has to live through anything like what I’ve heard and what is out there,” Malek says in a story with the Hollywood Reporter. "It’s awful, it’s remarkable that this happens, I can appreciate so much what they’ve been through and how difficult this must be for them. In the light of the #MeToo era that this somehow seems to exist after that, it’s a horrible thing.”

Recently, the GLAAD Awards pulled Bohemian Rhapsody from their awards ceremony, in light of the recent allegations.

“This week’s story in the Atlantic documenting unspeakable harms endured by young men and teenage boys brought to light a reality that cannot be ignored or even tacitly rewarded,” a statement from the GLAAD Awards reads. “Singer’s response to the Atlantic story wrongfully used ‘homophobia’ to deflect from sexual assault allegations and GLAAD urges the media and the industry at large to not gloss over the fact that survivors of sexual assault should be put first.”

Bohemian Rhapsody is nominated for Best Picture at the 2019 Oscars and won the award for Best Motion Picture — Drama at the Golden Globes. It was also the highest grossing music biopic of all time.

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