A Hamburg, Germany court has ruled that ticket marketplace site, Viagogo is banned from re-selling tickets for Rammstein's upcoming tour in an effort to limit ticket scalping and prevent scalpers from re-selling overpriced tickets.

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Tickets for the Germany show purchased through Viagogo will not only be invalid, the site is forbidden to “allow the sale of tickets for the 2019 Rammstein stadium concerts in Germany.” With that being said, Viagogo will not be able to assert that tickets sold on their site will be valid for entry.

Despite this, Viagogo still has Rammstein tickets listed for sale on the site.

Promoters MCT Agenteur have since limited re-sale to Eventim’s FanSALE marketplace. Limited re-sale tickets will also be available through MunchenTicket, the only secondary ticketing site permitted to sell tickets. 

“The band is pleased that the district court of Hamburg has agreed with our [arguments] and issued the ban,” a statement from Rammstein reads. “The court’s decision is a warning signal to anyone who thinks they can resell massively overpriced and invalid Rammstein tickets.”

According to NME, Rammstein sold over 800,000 tickets in Germany. It is believed that many of these tickets were purchased by scalpers to then turn around and make a ton of extra cash. On Viagogo, Rammstein tickets for the Gelsenkirchen concert are selling between £351 and £780. In American dollars, this translates to $450 and $1,000 respectively.

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Created by the co-founder of StubHub, Viagogo is a ticket resale marketplace. While the site supposedly guarantees valid tickets or your money back, scalpers have used the site to up-charge on tickets. The site has also been accused of selling tickets that they hadn't yet obtained, according to kummudu

Recently, Rammstein announced that they will release a new album in the spring of 2019. This will be the band’s first release since their reunion in 2015. You can check out the dates for their forthcoming tour and pick up any remaining tickets here.

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