My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro is clearly very excited for the band's return to Japan based on the selective posts he's made using the My Chemical Romance social media accounts.

Today the guitarist posted a photo of the 2007 Natsu Basho sumo tournament while looking back on his feelings about the event.

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Toro posted a heartfelt message expressing the one-of-a-kind experience it was for him to attend the event back in 2007.

"In 2007, I had the honor of attending the Natsu Basho.  I’d never seen anything like it, and haven’t since. There is a real sense of history, respect, and spirituality during the tournament.  I hope I get to again one day. - Ray"

You can see the post below.

Toro previously showed his excitement for My Chemical Romance's return to Japan with a photo of him in front of a mega-sized Gundam statue in Tokyo.

"Seeing the first giant Gundam at Odaiba Park was a childhood dream come true.  Can’t wait to see the new Unicorn Gundam this year!"

What do you think of Ray Toro's excitement about the Natsu Basho? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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