Raymond Watts, who’s known by industrial-rock rivetheads and electronic-rock aficionados by his moniker Pig, has returned with a new video to promote his impending covers LP, Candy. Teaming once again with actress/vocalist/DJ/author Sasha Grey, the duo take on “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” made popular by the Righteous Brothers in 1964.

On this version, Watts adopts a persona somewhere between a sleazy Frank Sinatra and Buffalo Bill from The Silence Of The Lambs, except with much better fashion sense (Watts has written music for Alexander McQueen fashion shows, you know), while Grey looks almost heartbroken as the object of his desire.

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Watts has been a force in the world’s electronic/industrial-rock scene for decades. His world-class resume includes a body of work as a solo artist, a stunt as frontman for i-rock institution KMFDM and projects ranging from remixes, video games and fashion houses. He toured America late last summer with Killing Joke.   

“As a song, ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’’ has always been a bitter pill wrapped up in a sweet thrill for me but brings faith to the fall of a love that has lapsed,” Watts begins. “It was just crying out to be covered by Pig. I felt it needed to be a duet, so I asked Sasha Grey to sing it with me. I love the dialogue in the song and her voice makes the sentiment in the words even more poignant. Her delivery perfectly captures how the wound of loss can become almost mundane.”

This song is the first look at Candy, Pig’s covers LP coming out on Metropolis June 21. Other tracks Watts will be putting through his sonic sausage grinder include interpretations of songs by Olivia Newton-John (“Hopelessly Devoted To You”), Prince (“Kiss”), Hall & Oates (“I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”), Elvis Presley (“If I Can Dream”) and KC And The Sunshine Band (“That’s The Way (I Like It).”) That cover was the first thing Watts and Grey teamed up for last year.

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The album is me looking for the soft and dirty underbelly in what might seem like rather innocuous pop songs,” Watts says. “The original versions of the songs chosen might seem to some as one dimensional, but to me they seem to work more as paeans to much darker obsessions, addictions and the inevitable consequences. As such, with Candy you can hum along and toe-tap to songs of downfall, demise and disaster.”

Pig and Grey’s take on this bona fide classic from the great American songbook might be hellishly dark, uncannily creepy or uncomfortably tongue-in-cheek. It could be the theme for the goth prom you wish you could’ve gone to or the last song you play right before you make a very bad decision (read: alcohol and texting and 3 a.m. is never a good combination). We’ll let you decide. 

Check out Pig and Sasha Grey’s “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” below. Candy is available for preorder now with both digital and vinyl options.