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Entertainment company Razor & Tie—label home to acts such as All That Remains, the Pretty Reckless and Starset—will become an imprint subsidiary of Fearless Records, according to a new report from Billboard magazine.

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The new partnership, announced Wednesday, will see NYC-based record company Razor & Tie come under the corporate umbrella of longtime, Southern California-born punk and rock label Fearless, which currently counts Underoath, the Word Alive and Grayscale and on its active band roster.

"We are thrilled to bring Razor & Tie into the Fearless fold," Fearless Records founder and president Bob Becker said in a statement obtained by Billboard. "The label brings with it its own legacy within the hard rock world, and we're excited to apply our creative marketing and digital strategy to the legacy the brand has already created. Alongside Fearless' roster, we're proud to be bringing new energy into rock, helping usher in a new era for the genre."

Both companies are owned by Concord Music, the company that acquired Razor & Tie earlier this year after an investment deal among the two music outfits in 2015. Per a press release, the aim of the partnership is to "help increase Fearless' reach and impact, as well as apply the label's creative marketing to Razor & Tie's roster."

Starset transferred from Razor & Tie to Fearless last month, offering an early indication of the label acquisition.

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