Ever wonder what Real Friends would sound like covering a This Wild Life song, or vice versa?

Real Friends and This Wild Life are far from strangers, having shared the stage several times together – now they’re sharing songs.

“Real Friends played the same Journey's Stage with us on Warped Tour 2014, and this song always stood out to us live,” This Wild Life’s Kevin Jordan said. “It was challenging and really rewarding trying to rework an already incredible song to be something different while still doing it justice. Wow, what a great band.”

This Wild Life covered Real Friends’ “Loose Ends,” and Real Friends covered This Wild Life’s track “Looking Back.”

"Honestly covering another band's song never really interested us,” Real Friends’ bassist Kyle Fasel explained. “For some reason we never latched onto that idea until this, but when the idea came up to cover a song from This Wild Life, it was different. They are more acoustic based while we are a little more energetic. We felt as if the dynamic of covering each other's songs went beyond most covers bands have done. Not to mention we are huge fans of the band. It was a nice change of pace for us. We were really satisfied with the way everything turned out."

Listen to the exclusive stream of both covers below!