If you happened to catch the Kansas City Chiefs vs New Englad Patriots game last night, you might have heard a bit more than screaming fans and hyped up players. Just before cutting to break the NFL played a very familiar guitar riff that immediately sent Real Friends fans in a frenzy on Twitter.

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The NFL does a phenomenal job at tossing in some well-deserved pop-punk jams throughout games. If you listen long enough there's a chance you'll catch a snippet from your favorite band. Blink-182, Neck Deep, Broadside, Bring Me The Horizon and more have been used to transition in and out of cut scenes during NFL games, and we think that's pretty freaking sweet.

Last night the NFL added another jam to their long list of pop punk, metalcore and more as they played Real Friends' "Mess" just before cutting to commercial break. 

This heartfelt tweet tugged on the heartstrings of fans, who were quick to react.

Then there were some who took the comedic route.

Even Anthony from This Wild Life was "stoked" to hear it.

What other bands from our scene have you heard during NFL games? Let us know in the commments below!

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