While people love to hate it, reality TV shows are some of the most addicting forms of entertainment. They allow you to forget about your own problems and focus on someone’s life that’s totally different from your own. 

There are tons of TV shows about celebrities and wealthy people, but some of the best reality TV shows focus on musicians. From The Osbournes to American Idol, reality TV has allowed us to get a glimpse at the lives of major musicians to see what makes them tick. 

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With The Osbournes approaching a potential return, we’ve created a list of 10 bands we wish had their own reality shows. We’d love to see more of the scene represented on the small screen, so here’s some ideas that would be amazing if they were real. Check out our 10 dream reality TV shows based on musicians below.

1. My Chemical Romance’s reunion show

All everyone’s been talking about in recent weeks is the My Chemical Romance reunion, and for good reason. While we’re no doubt excited about the upcoming reunion shows, we have a lot of questions. What’s been going on behind the scenes that lead to this point, and what does the band have planned for the future? That’s why they’d be perfect to have their own reality show to document the process and show fans the ups and downs of creating one of the most epic comebacks in history.

2. The Osbournes return

We’d be lying if we didn’t say we didn’t want The Osbournes to make a comeback. This was OG reality TV at its peak. Not only did we get to see what day to day was like for rock icon Ozzy Osbourne, but we also saw the highs and lows of his family life and how he dealt with it as a father. It was hilarious and absolutely needs to make a comeback in 2020. 

3. Waterparks

We’d honestly just want this to be a thing so we can understand what goes on in Awsten Knight’s daily life. We want to know what leads up to all of his outrageous tweets in caps lock and what Waterparks do when they aren’t making smash hits and touring the world. Plus, their relationship is so unusual that it’d probably make for pretty entertaining television. 

4. Hayley Williams’ massive career

Paramore, and particularly frontwoman Hayley Williams, have a lot going on. They’re a veteran band who put out their albums as massive projects. Aside from the music, Williams has a highly successful hair care brand Good Dye Young that she works her ass off on, so it’d be cool to see how she balances both careers while also being so involved with other projects. 

5. Marilyn Manson and his unusual friends 

Even people who don’t listen to Marilyn Manson’s music would probably be tempted to watch a TV show based around the musician out of sheer curiosity. He stays dedicated to his demonic aesthetic and sound in his personal life but has such a widespread appeal that reaches beyond the metal scene. He’s also an actor and has many famous friends such as Machine Gun Kelly, Poppy and Rob Zombie who would be amazing to watch on TV. 

6. Panic! At The Disco 

Panic! At The Disco have come a long way from their Myspace days. Now, Brendon Urie is collaborating with pop powerhouses such as Taylor Swift and touring major arenas. However, Urie has always stayed true to himself and has such a strong personality that his life would be the perfect subject of a show. Plus, he’s pretty funny, so we see no negatives to this idea. 

7. A Hella Mega tour show 

Next year, Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer are embarking on a massive tour together, and they're all dropping new albums. The three acts themselves are so major that a TV show about life on the road would undoubtedly be widely popular. We’d see all the work that goes into each show and how all the big personalities fit together while touring the world for months on end.

8. Post Malone 

 Post Malone’s life is already a TV show. He spends thousands of dollars on Postmates and is always drinking Bud Light and playing beer pong wherever he goes. He also continues to drop massively successful albums filled with collaborations with people such as Halsey, Ozzy Osbourne and more. His life is so crazy that it’s honestly a surprise someone hasn’t given him a show yet. 

9. Poppy

Poppy is one of the most interesting people online. The concepts behind all of her projects are almost too advanced to understand. She draws inspiration from so many places that it’d be interesting to watch a TV show behind her creative process. She always seems to be one step ahead of everyone, so it’d be cool to have someone documenting what that’s like and how she stays inspired. 

10. Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters have hit icon status. They continue to tour and make new music, but they have such a major reputation that it’s almost like they’re untouchable. We’d love to see a show that depicts the daily lives of such major rock stars in a down-to-earth way. We’d see Dave Grohl hitting up music festivals to drink beer and play guest drums when he isn’t recording new music and advocating for things such as music education. 

Which band would you like to see have their own reality TV show? Sound off in the comments below!