The Black Parade is considered by many to be My Chemical Romance's finest album. From the story arc centered on the Patient to the songs the band crafted as a classic-rock valentine, it was the record that changed everything. Especially the band. At various points in its creation and promotion, it felt like there were covert forces undermining the band's progress. Is hindsight 20/20? Or is it simply that shit does indeed happen? This APTV clip cites five crucial reasons My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade is actually cursed.

With the release of 2006's Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, My Chemical Romance were the undisputed kings of modern emo. Everything about it was grandiose, from the sentiments behind the songs to the videos that conveyed them. When it came time for the follow-up release, the band plotted how they would top it. Everybody knew they would succeed in that regard. They just didn't realize at what cost. Like Gerard Way famously said all those years ago, "We didn't come here to be average."

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This video highlights some of the rough moments My Chemical Romance endured in various phases of the project. The initial bad vibes that derailed the writing. The haphazard nights on the two-year tour that followed. And the ending of the experience that would forever define them as artists, friends and men.

Those excitable Jersey dudes simply went for it. But it was all worth it. How do we know that? The Black Parade came out in the fall of 2006. It's been 14 years and people still can't stop talking about it. We don't know if it's the continued awesomeness of the record or the fact they really did survive the curse of The Black Parade. They didn't just make a record and go on tour: MCR truly wrote another chapter in rock music history.