When you’re needing something to pick you up in the middle of the day, nothing beats an ice cold Red Bull. While the drink was limited to the original flavor way back when it first hit the market, the company’s come up with so many different flavors to pick from that it’s hard to decide which to drink sometimes.

Have you ever wondered which flavor you would be based on what you listen to? Take our quiz below to find out which Red Bull you should drink based on your music taste.

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More on energy drinks

While it’s not Red Bull, Panic! At The Disco vocalist Brendon Urie recently opened up about another energy drink and its demo-producing powers.

The frontman often takes to Twitch to play video games and share stories (and metal songs) with fans. In July, Urie opened up about the band’s first demo during his stream.

“You know the first Panic! demo that we recorded called ‘Time To Dance’ was recorded after I had chugged, like, a twelve-pack of Bawls energy drink,” Urie explains. Check out the clip below.

As mentioned, Panic! At The Disco trivia isn’t the only thing Urie shares on Twitch. In November, Urie hosted a stream to raise funds for the Highest Hopes Foundation. A different goal was met as the funds raised grew leading to Urie sharing yet another metal track.

Joined by twenty one pilots’ Josh Dun and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz had been streaming themselves playing video games. Once they raised over $75,000, they premiered a brand new metal track live.

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Donations of $10 received a prize raffle entry with $25 donations earning a gift. The musician is also played Fortnite without a weapon at $10,000 raised and at $50,000 he played a drum solo live. At the coveted $75,000, Urie premiered his new metal song. Check it out below.