Every adult remembers it fondly, every kid dreads it: the gross Halloween candy. This is the candy that you know you’re never going to eat, so it just sits at the bottom of your bag until your mom throws it out. Luckily for you, Reese’s has a solution.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, the gross candy goes by many names. From overly-sticky gummy candy to candy corn, this was the candy you just did not want.

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Reese’s will be putting a vending machine in NYC for you to trade in your gross Halloween candy. Simply put in the candy you’re not going to eat and receive a Reese’s in return.

But why? Well, Reese’s knows the Halloween candy struggles. The company shared a commissioned survey with Delish and said “90 percent of Americans say that they have traded or wish they could have traded their unwanted candy on Halloween.”

That isn’t all. The company also revealed that “four out of five Americans either have traded or would like to trade a candy they didn’t like for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.”

The vending machine solution made its debut at the Tarrytown Annual Halloween Parade in New York Saturday. However, it will also be open for one night only on Halloween. From 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., the vending machine will be giving out just 10,000 Reese’s. Meaning that you better get there early.

Check out the vending machine below.

 Halloween candy stats

Reese’s might be wanted by four out of five Americans, but the most popular candy depends on the state you’re in. CandyStore.com looked over their data from the last 11 years to determine the top candy in every state.  

For example, in New York where the vending machine is making its debut, the most popular candy is actually Sour Patch Kids.

What candy would you trade in? Sound off in the comments below.