R.E.M. have successfully gotten Twitter to take down a video where the President of the United States, Donald Trump uses their song “Everybody Hurts.” According to Consequence of Sound, the band filed copyright infringement on Donald Trump through their publisher.

In an effort to troll the left, Donald Trump re-posted an Infowars winning video that depicts many disappointed democratic congress folk during his State of the Union speech.

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However, after hearing that Trump was using their song without their permission, the band took to Twitter to voice their opinion.
Additionally, their bassist Mike Mills told Twitter that meme-ifying the song was completely fine. However, he wasn’t about to stand for Trump using it for free promo.

While the tweet is no longer on the POTUS account, the creator of the video has since re-released the video to the masses.

According to the Verge, the Twitter user has a track record of mocking the left. However, his latest creation seems more tame than those of his past. Prior to "Everbody Hurts," the Twitter user placed heads of left politicians atop of cartoon characters' bodies. The Infowars winner also has a YouTube channel.

What do you think of R.E.M.’s efforts to remove the song from Twitter? Sound off in the comments below.

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