Experts in all things obscure, Dangerous Minds, have found Lakeside Photo Works—a company that will superimpose your concert ticket stubs onto floor mats (and coffee mugs as well!). 

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Each mat totals roughly $34.00—not including shipping. Lakeside Photo Works’ website recommends you send in your ticket stub in order to ensure the highest potential quality of your mat. Once everything is complete, your stub will be mailed back to you.

Below, you can check out sizing options, a coffee mug example and additional information on taking care of the mats.

Concert mats are made of 20 oz. loop with a rubber backing and black edge. These mats will fade if you leave it outside in direct sunlight. We are unaware of any image or paint that can ultimately resist direct sunlight. 

How much is too much? As in all things, it depends. How much sun, etc. If you want to keep it looking crisp, you’ll keep it out of direct sunlight.

Can be washed with soap and water..then rinse well. Residual soap is sticky.