Are you ready to dance and feel all the feels? Because Remi Wolf is back with her first single of 2023.

Today, Remi Wolf has shared the single, "Prescription." Co-produced by Wolf, Solomonophonic, and Knox Fortune, it's a groove-filled, soul-pop banger about how gloriously all-consuming a new love can feel. There's actually two versions of the song available, the full-length, seven-minute version and a shorter cut.

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The indie-pop artist teased the song on social media last month, sharing it was born out of a conversation between her and the Coup musician/filmmaker Boots Riley (Sorry to Bother You) about his upcoming Prime Video series I'm a Virgo. "Prescription" will appear on the soundtrack for the series, which is an absurdist comedy about a 13-foot teenager in Oakland, CA and due out this summer.

In a press release, Boots Riley shared, “Remi Wolf did the fastest turn around for a song thats absolutely perfect for the I'm A Virgo scene it's in. The song is a future classic. I called her up, talked about the scene, put my phone down. The next time I checked texts, this song, 'Prescription,' was there."

The song marks Wolf's first release since the summer 2022 release of the deluxe version of her debut album Juno.

Listen to "Prescription" below.