If you thought your work-life balance was dismal, think again. In the new trailer for the horror-comedy Renfield, the titular character (Nicholas Hoult) is a servant to Dracula, played by none other than Nicolas Cage.

Things change once he falls for a traffic cop named Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina) and stands up against his abhorrent boss, and by that we mean it gets awfully bloody. Bodies explode, bullets fly, and limbs get detached. “You know when something crazy happens and someone says, ‘It’s OK. I’ve seen way worse.’ Everything I saw you do today is gonna be my way worse,” Quincy says as she climbs down from a car piled with dead bodies. The clip cuts to a scene where Renfield kicks through an enemy and is left holding two limbs spewing blood. “It’s my least favorite part of the job,” he retorts. 

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Best of all, the new trailer is soundtracked by Radiohead’s Pablo Honey hit “Creep,” which feels particularly fitting for the gory new trailer.

See for yourself below and catch Renfield in theaters April 14.