After the hell of a year we’ve all collectively had, it’s fair to say that we’re really looking forward to 2021. And not just for new song releases.

2020 has taught us a lot. And it made us reflect on what’s important in life and how we want to live after the coronavirus pandemic gets under control, as things eventually go back to “normal.” 

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New Year's resolutions are a polarizing topic. But we're letting the stars figure out how we should all work to be better people next year. We decided to work out which song best sums up what your 2021 resolution should be based on your zodiac sign. Because there’s no better way to express emotion than through music. 

Aries: “weird!" – YUNGBLUD

Aries have a reputation for being hotheads. So in 2021, this fire sign could work on practicing patience and living in the moment. The latest track from YUNGBLUD encapsulates all of the anxieties we have about the current moment and celebrates letting them go. Because shit’s weird anyway. 

Taurus: “Losing Myself" – State Champs

Taurus can be inflexible and set in their ways at times. So next year, they should focus on losing themselves in something new, whether it be a new hobby, habit or lifestyle change. This State Champs song is all about shredding self-doubt and being “down for life,” which is exactly the attitude they should embody next year. 

Gemini: “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" – Green Day

Geminis are people pleasers and can be pretty impulsive. Next year, they need to say “good riddance” to a toxic habit they’ve developed over time for one reason or another. Maybe it’s quitting smoking or learning how to say no, but it’s time to bid farewell with this emotional Green Day song. 

Cancer: “Human" – The Word Alive (feat. Sincerely Collins)

Cancer is one of the most giving signs. And that means they're often bad at taking care of themselves because they’re so busy worrying about everyone else. Self-care is key next year. But not just bubble baths and face masks. They should truly take time to learn to love and accept themselves for who they are. One thing they should remember is they're human, like the message of the Word Alive’s track, and they're stronger than they think they are. 

Leo: “forget me too” – Machine Gun Kelly (feat. Halsey)

Leos are magnetic people who tend to have many others in their circle because they’re so charming. But that doesn’t mean everyone is out for their best interest or that all of those relationships are serving them. Next year, it’s time to leave toxic relationships behind and indulge in being alone. Particularly, if there’s a relationship in their life that they think is bringing them down, cut that person off. Embrace the attitude of this angsty MGK and Halsey song, which may be one of the best things they can do for themselves.

Virgo: “Scars" – I Prevail

Virgos can be self-doubtful at times. Next year this sign needs to take pride in themselves, regardless of what’s going on around them or feeling pressured to do what someone else wants them to do. Virgos should take note from this I Prevail track by embracing who they are and being confident in living their life in a way that makes them happy.

Libra: “Nightmare" – Halsey

Libras can be overly focused on making the best possible decision and finding the perfect balance in their life. But life is imperfect for a reason. Next year, Libras need to focus on embracing imperfection and the unknown. In this intense track, Halsey accepts the “wreckage in [her] life” as well as her past mistakes and learns to embrace them.

Scorpio: “Paint It Black" – Andy Black

If there’s one sign who knows how to hold a grudge, it’s Scorpios. So forgiveness is their focus next year. This Andy Black song is all about letting go and starting fresh, which is something Scorpios will have to learn, slowly but surely. 

Sagittarius: “26" – Paramore

Sagittarius is known for adventure, so they’re always down to take more chances in life and find the next best thing. And there’s never been a better time to welcome that change. This song from Paramore's After Laughter is all about embracing being a dreamer and taking risks in life. 

Capricorn: “my future” – Billie Eilish

Capricorns are the signs who get things done, and they tend to be workaholics and focus on a goal. It’s good to work toward the future. But it’s also good to be open to change and embrace the unknown of what could happen without worrying about how to get there. In this track, Billie Eilish is all about looking forward to her future, whatever that might bring. 

Aquarius: “I Disagree” – Poppy

Aquarians like to keep their emotions private and tend to not speak their minds because they have a personal connection with their inner thoughts. They also prefer not to break the peace. However, next year, they need to focus on speaking their mind and not letting people hurt them. Like Poppy in this explosive track, “burn it to the ground” and don’t be afraid to disagree with others. 

Pisces: “High Hopes" – Panic! At The Disco

Pisces tend to be the sign who go with the flow the most. And they're more of a follower than a leader. But next year, this water sign should work on taking charge and embracing a confident, more powerful version of themselves who achieves big things. Listen to this P!ATD song as motivation to brainstorm all the ways to own next year.