Reverse The Curse


Hiram, Ohio’s Reverse The Curse don’t make liking their band easy. Just when you get sucked into one of their moody, discordant post-punk songs on their sophomore full-length, Existent, they twist and turn away from the part you probably liked the most. It’s not unlike the direction Brand New have gone in recent albums, along with a Constantines-esque rumble and a healthy amount of Tom Waits-styled vocal inflection from frontman Ed Starcher. Many of the tracks on Existent seem designed to make you feel just a tad bit uncomfortable, like when you think something’s crawling up your arm in the middle of the night but it’s actually just the wind. (Or is it?) It’s not the hookiest record you’ll hear all year, but it might be one of the most thought provoking.

Paper + Plastick

"The Hum Heard"