Against Me!

23 Live Sex Acts

As Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace points out in one of this disc’s song introductions, it’s been nearly 10 years since her band’s previous live album (Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live in London!!!) was released. 23 Live Sex Acts proves just how far the band have come since their early days. Warts and all, this isn’t a glossy live album with overdubs and fixes: Instead, Grace and Co. went with the most natural live takes they could find from three solid months of touring. With Grace’s public gender transition, songs like “Pretty Girls (The Mover)” and “The Ocean” take on new meanings, something she explains with poise in the song introductions. Add glorious moments of crowd interaction (Grace’s reaction to a kid getting kicked out for dancing is priceless) and bouts of improvisation that prove their high musicianship, and 23 Live Sex Acts is the perfect culmination of where this band sit today: at the top of their songwriting and live-performance game. 

Total Treble

"Walking Is Still Honest"