Nashville Pussy

From Hell To Texas


Much like AC/DC, Nashville Pussy have been delivering pretty much the same album since their 1996 inception. The filthy, Southern guitar licks and Blaine Cartwright’s vocal snarl mark their musical content, while drinking, drugs and sex are the consistent subject matter. Not that this is a bad thing; genuine, hell-raising party bands are few and far between these days, so a new album from the Pussy is as welcome as a warm day in January. Still, the sense of déjà vu is overriding as the band steam through songs like the aptly titled “Speed Machine” and the statement of intent that is “I’m So High.” But this is a band who are hardly likely to record an acoustic album. If you want something other than hard drinking, Satan-hailing anthems, buy something else. (SPV/STEAMHAMMER; Brett Callwood