Numbers Lucent EP


After 12 years in the game, helping to define electronic music for a generation, it would be easy to get a tad stale. Hell, after 2008’s critically acclaimed Just A Souvenir, Tom Jenksinon (aka Squarepusher) could’ve just rested on his laurels for a bit. Thankfully, with the quick release of Numbers Lucent, Jenkinson proves he’s still ready to challenge listeners. Described as an exploration of “dance floor psychedelia,” this six-song effort manages to squeeze lush strings, glitchy rhythms, bass virtuosity, sweeping melodies and paranoid noise into what could have just been a bland record designed for ravers only. While this admittedly may not be for everyone, the fact that Squarepusher can find heart in music that is characteristically cold should not go unnoticed. (WARP; warprecords.com) Luke Jaxon