Bomb The Music Industry!



We’ll just come right out and say it: If you’re not paying attention to Jeff Rosenstock, you’re missing out on one of underground punk’s most brilliant minds. Hyperaware of his surroundings and his feelings, Rosenstock channels his confusion, anger, frustration and forced maturation into intensely creative synth-punk with diversions into ska, folk and inclusion rock (see also: the Hold Steady) that never gets too self-important for its own good. The lyric sheet reads like a Bukowski novel translated by Rev. N0rb, covering cocaine parties (“Stuff That I Like”), a fractured relationship (“It Shits!”), the absurdity of patriotism (”9/11 Fever!!!”), the realization that life sucks (“Saddr Weirdr”) and the greater realization that sometimes, life can be incredible (“Sort Of Like Being Pumped”). Scrambles is Rosenstock’s finest work thus far, and it is a true treat to witness his growth as a songwriter. (ASIAN MAN/QUOTE UNQUOTE; Scott Heisel