Passion Pit


For Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos, 1985 was a very good year, as the album’s first single, “Lifted Up (1985)” confirms. Chronicling  love (in the past and present tenses) seems to be the fuel powering the engine of this deeply ’80s New Wave-inspired disc. “Whole Life Story” is Angelakos’s bouncy this-is-our-love-and-nobody-else’s anthem, complete with a clean Stratocaster belting chords that recall Bibio’s Lovers Carvings as the sound of vinyl meeting a stylus quietly scratches above the track before a thumping bassline and handclaps chime in, sounding like an outtake from 2009’s hit disc, Manners. After the doom and gloom of 2012’s Gossamer, Kindred sees Angelakos walking back into the light.


"Whole Life Story"