Radio Recovery

Success are sort of refreshing simply for playing a strain of jubilant, up-tempo pop-punk that’s heavily in the vein of Less Than Jake circa Hello Rockview and Borders & Boundaries, minus the horns (especially on cuts like “Believe In” and “Mr. Know It All”). That’s because it’s a sound not many bands have taken influence from, considering those records came out over a decade ago. Success wouldn’t sound out of place on a bill with relatively similar contemporaries Red City Radio or maybe the Swellers, given how clearly they lift the melody from “Vehicle City” on “22nd St.” They’ve even got songs about making the most of one’s time, urban pride/desolation, social alienation and personality deconstructions. Despite the rampant likenesses taking place and a goofiness that rears its head a bit much at times, Radio Recovery is a fun, cohesive and concise affair with some subtle organ for flavor. It’s certainly a satisfactory rendering of a style long gone out of vogue.

Red Scare

"Nowhere Kids"