Answer That And Stay Fashionable

With all of the songs on Answer That And Stay Fashionable credited to Anthems For Insubordinates, it's clear where AFI got not only their name (A Fire Inside), but the disc's irreverent sense of humor. The California group's debut full-length is steeped in bratty disobedience and snarling, speedy West Coast hardcore that clearly establishes frontman Davey Havok and crew as the heirs apparent to the Vandals and Descendents. Granted, Havok's whiney squeal and cartoonish juvenilianot to mention the album's relentless references to everything from Reservoir Dogs to Froot Loopscan be a bit tough to choke down in large doses. It's a good thing Answer That is made up mostly of minute-and-a-half detonations whose hyperactive silliness evaporates as soon as they touch air. 


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