Audra Mae And The Almighty Sound

Audra Mae And The Almighty Sound EP

Audra Mae has touched millions with her soulful voice and impeccable songwriting, but most who’ve heard her work would never recognize her name. This Oklahoma native racked up an impressive songwriting credit when Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle recorded her song “Who I Was Born To Be.” Additionally, TV show Sons Of Anarchy used her haunting cover of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” in an episode during its first season. To top it off, as great-great grandniece to the legendary Judy Garland, Audra Mae has quite the talented pedigree.

With the help of her new backing band, the Almighty Sound, this self-titled five-song EP has an additional sonic texture that complements her melodramatic songwriting. “Ne’er Do Wells” begins with a humble beat behind Audra Mae’s deep, raspy voice, as it gradually gets louder, she bellows the lyrics of honor and gratitude. “My Friend The Devil” is driven by an acoustic guitar melody, a quick beat and immensely dramatic lyrics about blatant disregard for religious upbringing and making deals with the devil, sounding like KT Tunstall covering Murder By Death. Each track is just a little more dynamic than the last; final song “I Won’t Grow Up” is all sass. The big-band sound is full of bright horn arrangements, danceable beats and quick-moving guitar melodies.

This EP is quite a progression from the twangy tendencies of her previous solo work. With a five-song sample of what’s to come, Audra Mae And The Almighty Sound’s next full-length is worth anticipating.


“My Friend The Devil”