Bad Advice EP

If you were to establish a pop-punk spectrum bookended by New Found Glory at one tip and All Time Low at the other, I Call Fives would likely reside directly at its center. They don't have the hardcore-influenced grit of the former, but they narrowly avoid the glossy effervescence of the latter, too. Instead, I Call Fives tread a territory on Bad Advice that's plenty radio-friendly but manages to lightly retain punk-cred characteristics here and there (fast tempos, gang shouts, active fretboard arrangements). "Try Hard To Remember" calls upon a poppy skatepunk style directly reminiscent of Rufio while throwing in some clean-picked acoustics, while opener "Hand Me Down Luck" pulverizes its bouncy hook into your brain until it's rendered overwrought. Among all the exuberance are those given flaws and fractures–repetition wearing only a few listens in; an almost desperate reliance on pogo-ready melodies–that are nonetheless short enough in supply to be able to recognize the EP's iota of charm and abundance of proficiency at hand. And the explosive transition in closer "Take The Fall" from acoustic ballad to Warped Tour pop-rock pile-on?Huge.

No Sleep