Best Coast

Fade Away EP

Fade Away sounds like a reclamation record for Bethany Cosentino; never before has the California girl come off so confident vocally, even as she openly second guesses herself in songs like “Who Have I Become?” and “Fear Of My Identity.” Cosentino and musical partner Bobb Bruno still balance the fuzz and polish of Best Coast’s signature instrumentation just fine, but it is the sharp confidence in her singing and songwriting that make this seven-song set sound like a dream record all the way through. “Fade Away” and “I Don’t Know How” are like updates on some of Patsy Cline's most heart-wrenching tracks, but the homage is welcome—Cosentino’s voice nails it, layered with just the right amount of distorted guitar to keep her from sounding dated. Lyrically introspective, musically tight and vocally resolute, Fade Away is Best Coast’s best work to date.

Jewel City

“This Lonely Morning”