Black Sails In The Sunset

AFI threw many fans for a loop with the 1998 EP A Fire Inside, which featured covers of gloomy classics by Misfits and the Cure. But 1999’s Black Sails In The Sunset proves the EP was no flukeand it also shows that the band have invaded and conquered previously unexplored territory. With new guitarist Jade Puget adding a sense of brooding, thespian eloquence to the disc's shadowy post-hardcore, AFI all but reinvented themselves. And the innovation is as stunning: With longer, deeper, richer, more complex compositions than they've ever attempted before, Black Sails tackles everything from brooding hardcore in "No Poetic Device" to simmering balladry in "Clove Smoke Catharsis"not to mention the sprawling closing track "God Called In Sick Today." Calling the disc goth is selling it short; in truth, Davey Havok & Co. crafted their first epic.