Flex EP

It’s too bad 24-year-old producer/songwriter/DJ Borgore had to hinge his new release on the despicable track “Flex,” because some of the remixes on this EP are pretty good. But back to the song in question: Unless this is some kind of Lonely Island spoof song, or a modern-day stab at shock rap a la 2 Live Crew, it’s one of the worst tracks in a long time. We’d sample the lyrics, but it would set the women’s movement back at least a decade. The two remixes of “Flex” aren’t nearly as bad because the dumbass lyrics are buried behind dubstep bass drops and dance-floor glitch effects. Document One’s remix sounds straight from the ’80s, all synthed-out and pretty, until the bass falls through the floor. The lone non-“Flex” track, “Kiss My Lips,” is pretty standard dubstep ca. 2012, the kind of stuff that’s been smartly coined “bro-step.” While this new EP isn’t really a fair representation of Borgore’s body of work, which includes his original material and club-smash remixes of LMFAO, Passion Pit, M.I.A., Rusko, et al, it could potentially lose him some fans along the way. (Or pick up new ones, depending on their mindset.) Borgore claims he’s ruined dubstep, and with Flex, he might be right.


“Flex (Document One Remix)”