Breanne Düren

Sparks EP


You may not recognize the name of Breanne Düren, but you've likely heard her voice. The young singer added her vocals to Owl City’s platinum-selling album Ocean Eyes and is now a touring member of that group.But while Owl City majordomo Adam Young has pretensions of indie authenticity, Düren's aim is to hit the top of the pop charts without passing “Go” and collecting as much money as she can grab on the way there. And with her adorable, Disney show-ready looks, and the stamp of approval from tastemaker Perez Hilton, chances are she's well on her way.

So, you have a pretty clear idea of what the music on this sounds like by now, right? If you guessed treacly pop that has been buffed to a tinny sheen, with trilling vocals that flutter over hoary sentiments of self-assurance and love both unrequited and requited (completely chaste, of course), you’d be spot-on. Still, there's something to Düren's voice that makes this damn near palatable. There's an earthiness that she tries to hide with coy cooing and cutesy dimpled smiles. If some savvy producer could pull that out of her, we might have something to tweet about. Until then, leave this record to the tweens, multi-colored gossip mavens and hip, Christian pop stars of the world.


“No One Else”