Bring Me The Horizon


Bring Me The Horizon have not built up a fanbase by playing it safe, and Sempiternal marks their most striking—and fearless—evolution to date. From the skittering electronics dominating the opener “Can You Feel My Heart” to the frail croon of Oli Sykes on “And The Snakes Start To Sing,” BMTH both impress and inspire at every turn. There’s plenty of metallic crunch to sate diehard moshers, and the spiteful anthem “Anti-vist” is pure hatred unleashed. However, the predominant mood on Sempiternal is a melancholic combination of regret and cautious hope, and blending this with ruthless riffs and widescreen drama makes the feeling behind this all the more potent. “Sleepwalking,” “Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake” and “Seen It All Before” edge just ahead of the pack, but every track wields an anthemic chorus laced with ethereal grace and fist-in-the-air exhilaration. Sykes’ increased vocal range also proves a formidable addition to their arsenal, coalescing with the expanded sonic palette for a more intimate, cohesive and engaging collection.