Fight Fair

California Kicks

Of all the current trends (read: gimmicks) infiltrating the scene today, surf pop is far from prevalent. California Kicks, Fight Fair’s debut full-length, might be a good indicator as to why. Although the hooks are fairly smooth, and the sunny, ’60s-influenced choruses are sometimes catchier than sin, there’s literally nothing that differentiates the album from the latest release by this week’s Disney-approved pop trend. But even the Jonas Brothers have enough foresight to realize rapped bridges (“I’ve Got A Secret”), electro-dance songs (“SexyFancyMoney”) and laugh-out-loud spoken-word intros (“Lovely Little Girl”) are bad for business. Then there’s the little issue of putting a Christmas song (“Going Nowhere”) on an album obviously meant for sunny summer days. Yeah, we don’t understand it either. Couple these moments with some downright awful, vacuous lyrics and an oddly placed metalcore breakdown, and California Kicks is proof that there are better ways to spend your summer—like getting heatstroke.

Triple Crown

“Livin’ For The Summer”