Cameron Avery

Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams

FILE UNDER: Alt-Rock Storytelling

ROCKS LIKE: Hozier, James Bay, Florence + The Machine

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Gear up your time machine, because Cameron Avery is about to take you on a journey. This impressive solo debut evokes a sense of traveling back to the ’50s or ’60s, where he would have blended in with the likes of Etta James or Elvis Presley—which is somewhat surprising, given the psychedelic rock he is known for as Tame Impala’s bassist.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Avery gives a modern twist to the sound of crooners before him, offering more of a deep, brooding tone on tracks like “Disposable” and a haunting take on “Dance With Me.” The standout, however, is “Watch Me Take It Away,” which features an electric-filled run from start to finish. Avery’s overall strengths are his lyrics and his delivery, where each song tells a story that you can’t wait to hear. 

OUR PICK: “Watch Me Take It Away”