Can’t Swim

Fail You Again

FILE UNDER: Post-hardcore of Jersey past

ROCKS LIKE: Thursday, Armor For Sleep, Engine Down

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: A rousing “Hey, Hey, Hey!” straight from the punk playbook is one of Can't Swim's new looks (“What's Your Big Idea”). Likewise, the pop-pimping “We Won't Sleep” and its cheery, crowd-sung chorus leaves their gloomy comfort zone. Ending the album with a dogpile of hardcore kids is iffy (“All The Moves We Make Are In The Dark”), but the flubs are few here on Fail You Again.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Fail You Again has to follow the surprise success of 2016's Death Deserves A Name, and it does so with its production gains and hooks for days (“$50,000,000,” “Friend,” “Quitting”). The seductive awakening of “Hey Amy” into the haunting shame of “Stranger” is the early-’00s New Jersey scene for those who missed out—or just miss it, period. Bitter basement anthems have never sounded this sweet. 

OUR PICK: “Hey Amy”