Hot Dad Calendar EP

First things first—regardless of what’s actually on this EP from Philadelphia’s Cayetana, Hot Dad Calendar is already one of the best names this year will see. As it turns out, the Philadelphia-based all-female trio’s first non-demo release is almost as good as its title—raw and abrasive poppy punk full of verve and spiky, riotous energy. Singer Augusta Koch’s vocals are spiky and powerful, although there’s a not-so-subtle hint of the Cranberries' Dolores O’Riordan about them that can grate at times. But these urgent and impassioned blasts of infectious restlessness are more Lemuria-esque than anything else. That’s most notable on “Ella,” a re-recorded version of a song from their previous demo, and definitely the better of the two tracks on offer. At under six minutes in total, Hot Dad Calendar is all over very soon, but Cayetana's potential is still obvious.

Tiny Engines